Understand workflows & tasks


A workflow is a sequence of tasks which begin after a document is indexed. Each document type has its own workflow (unless no checks are required).

Example workflows

  • Simple workflow
  • Automated workflow

A simple workflow with two user stages.

A workflow combining automated and user stages.


User & Automated Tasks

Tasks can be actioned by users or automated. The above example of an automated workflow shows how a workflow
can be completed without users if the conditions are correct.

User examples

Automated examples

  • Approve
    Check the details and approve.

  • Complete information
    Add missing details to the tags.

  • Check the tax against the total
    If it is wrong, send the workflow to Accounts Payable for

  • Add GL coding based on the supplier code.

Semi-automated Tasks

Even when tasks are set for users, DocMX can still provide help with Assists. It’s not quite fully automatic but
helps users to complete tasks quicker.

Task approval types

There are three ways to set up a user task which will decide when the task is completed, so the document can move
forward to the next stage of the workflow.

  1. Anyone can action
    A task is assigned to one or many users, based on one or multiple
    roles. Only one user is required to approve the task.

  2. Each role must action
    A task is assigned to multiple roles. One user from each role is
    required to approve the task.

  3. Everyone must action
    A task is assigned to many users, based on one or multiple roles.
    All users are required to approve the task.


Guest Registration role

Front Office Manager role

General Manager role

User 1

User 2

User 3

User 4

User 5

User 6

Anyone can action


Each role must action


Everyone must action


Task Actions

The main actions are:

  1. Approve
    After checking details, a user can approve and the document moves to the next
    stage in the workflow.

  2. Reject
    A user can reject and the document is sent back to one of the previous stages in
    the workflow, or sent elsewhere for someone else to check.

  3. Cancel
    The workflow is cancelled.

  4. Hold
    The workflow is held.

Task redirection

Tasks may be redirected using the Out of Office feature.

Updated on April 7, 2021

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