What is DocMX

DocMX is an information management and workflow system that allows teams to work smoothly and efficiently together, with the aid of some automation magic running in the background. Team members can work from anywhere with an internet connection as DocMX is cloud-based.

The main goal is to automate as much as possible, so team members only need to check and approve in the workflow process. (Automation levels vary depending on your system configuration).

Simple Information Management

  • 1. DATA IN
  • 4. DATA OUT

Documents (any data or reports) can be added automatically into DocMX or uploaded by users.

Automated User
  1. File Transfer
  2. Emails
e.g. Reports come from company in-house or third party systems.
  1. DocMX Web App
    (File upload or form submission)
  2. DocMX Virtual Printer
  3. Scanners
  4. Emails
  5. Outlook Add-in

Tags can be completed automatically or entered by the user.

Automated User
A machine captures the text and completes the tags. A user completes the tags in the DocMX Web App or Outlook Add-in.

Workflows start and tasks are assigned as soon as a document is indexed.

Automated User
  1. Tasks meeting certain conditions are approved.
  2. Checks are made and warnings are added to highlight possible issues for users to see before approving.
  3. Pending tasks are monitored and aging tasks are highlighted in ‘My Tasks’.
  4. Tasks are reassigned when a user has turned on ‘Out of Office’.
e.g. Reports come from company in-house or third party systems.
  1. User(s) action tasks.
    (e.g. ‘Approve’, ‘Reject’)
  2. User(s) make annotations or add attachments.
  3. User(s) collaborate with notes and annotations inside documents. Adding links helps teammates see relevant areas within the same document or other documents.
  • Search
    Users can quickly find documents in DocMX using ‘Tag Search’ and ‘Global Search’.
  • Overview
    Management teams can see an overview of operations from the ‘Control Centres’. Metrics, statistics and graphs show how different entities and departments are performing.
  • Audit
    Auditors can inspect documents and their audit trails to see how compliance is followed in the workflow process.
  • Modern browser UI
    Access to DocMX is through a browser which makes it compatible with all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Export
    Data and reports can be exported in various formats (Excel, flat files, emails, PDFs).

Core Features

All-in-one simple hub

All data from company in-house or third party systems is brought together into DocMX. The information can then be organised and displayed coherently. Workflows and tasks are created from incoming documents.

The DocMX dashboard allows users to see a summary of outstanding tasks from one location.

Quick searching

DocMX is designed to enable users to find what they want quickly. Tag or global searches allow users to drill down to the information that they want.

Collaborative workflows

Team members can collaborate within DocMX on a specific document, adding comments and links to speed up the approval process.


Workflows are built around company standards, so all users comply to the same standards.


Strong identity management and permissions control allow teams to work in a secure manner.

Updated on September 15, 2020

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