Documents (add/index)

Indexing a document is a simple process of adding it to the Intray, selecting the correct document type and adding tags.

Documents in Intrays are waiting to be Indexed
Adding a document to your Intray is not the same as Indexing. A document is indexed after it is has been classified as a specific document type, and then it can be found in searches.

My Dropzones are faster
Create personal Dropzones for the document types that you use the most. This will allow the document type to be selected as the file is dropped into one of your personal Dropzones.

My Intray

The Intray is the place where documents are added prior to indexing. PDF documents can also be merged or split from within the tray.

Intray Layout

  1. My Intray
    Click on this icon in the left navigation menu to see your Intray.
  2. General Dropzone
    Drop files here for adding documents to your Intray.
  3. Intray menu
  4. Other Intrays
    Click on this icon to view other user Intrays. (Only available if you have permission)

General Dropzone

How to drop a file into the Dropzone
Open a folder on your PC/laptop and drag a file into the Dropzone.
Emails can also be dragged from email clients.

Valid file types

Intray menu

  1. My Dropzones
    Use personal Dropzones if you index on a regular basis.
    Index from My Dropzones
  2. Web page to Intray
    This converts a web page into a PDF file and adds it to your Intray.
  3. Upload Files
    This is an alternative method for uploading files instead of the Dropzone.
  4. Refresh
    Refresh the contents of your Intray.
  5. Thumbnail Size
    This allows changes to the thumbnail preview size of items in your Intray.

Other Intray features

Documents added to the Intray appear as thumbnail previews. Clicking on a thumbnail allows indexing. Right clicking on a thumbnail provides these options:

  • Create folder
    Folders are useful for tidying up your Intray.
  • Send to
    Documents can be sent to other users or entities.
  • Document edit/merge/split/rotate/rename
    How to edit Intray documents
  • Delete

How to index a document

Index from My Intray

  1. Add document to Intray
    (a) Drag the document from your laptop/PC and drop it in the general DropZone
    (b) Use the Upload File option (in intray menu)
    The document will appear in the general DropZone as a thumbnail preview.
  2. Open document
    (a) Double click on the thumbnail preview of the document
    (b) Right click on the thumbnail and select “Index Document”.
  3. Select document type
    After selecting the document type, the tags for the document type will appear.
  4. Tag & Index
    Complete the tags and click on the “Index” button. The document will be indexed and removed from your Intray.

Automate indexing
Some systems have automate as an option when right clicking on the thumbnail. DocMX will index the document by setting the document type and completing the tags.

Index from My Dropzones

  1. Navigate to My Dropzones
    See menu item for My Dropzones
  2. Add Zone (if required)
    Click on the “Add Zone” button and select the document type. A box named after the document type will be created in My Dropzones.
  3. Drop document into the Zone
    Drag the document from your laptop/PC and drop it on top of the document type box. The document will appear in the “Files to upload” area.
  4. Process Files
    Click on the “Process Files” button and the file will open with the correct document type and tag fields.
  5. Tag & Index
    Complete the tags and click on the “Index” button.

How to edit Intray documents

Before indexing a document, there are options to edit them in the Intray.

Edit PDF document

  1. Select document
    Left click on one PDF document.

  2. Edit
    Right click and select “Edit”.

Edit options
  1. Delete single page.
  2. Copy single page.
  3. Rotate single page left.
  4. Rotate single page right.
  5. Rotate and delete options for all pages in the document.
  6. Add a new document.
  7. Drag a single page from one document to another.

Merge PDF documents

  1. Select documents
    Select two or more PDF documents that you wish to merge.
    (a) Left click on one document and then Left click + Ctrl (Cmd for mac) to select more.
    (b) Left click on one document, hold Shift, and then Left click on another to select a sequence of documents.

  2. Merge
    Right click and select “Merge”.

Split PDF document

  1. Select document
    Left click on one multi-page PDF document.

  2. Split
    Right click and select “Split into single pages”.
    This will create new single page PDF documents.

Rotate PDF document

  1. Select document
    Left click on one PDF document.

  2. Rotate
    Right click and select “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right”.


  1. Select document
    Left click on one PDF document.

  2. Rename
    Right click and select “Rename”.

Updated on September 15, 2020

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